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Drug Crimes

Tampa Drug Crime Defense Attorney

Possession of Drugs Lawyer in Tampa

If you have been charged with a drug offense in Tampa, it is important to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side who will defend you aggressively and challenge the drug charges being alleged against you. A Tampa drug criminal defense attorney can fully investigate your case to best determine what can be done to protect your rights.

Depending on your specific legal situation, you could be facing jail time or a prison sentence, heavy monetary fines, suspension of your driver’s license, and/or other harsh penalties. With a skilled criminal attorney fighting to protect your rights, you may be able to obtain a dismissal of your case, or avoid serious criminal penalties and other negative consequences of a drug crime conviction.

Specific Solutions Tailored for Your Defense

The Capaz Law Firm believes that creating specific solutions tailored to fit the needs of each client is the only way to obtain a successful outcome. From our first consultation, we will assess your case and form a strategic, aggressive defense based on the facts and circumstances pertinent to your case.

As a former prosecutor, Dereck Capaz has a complete understanding of what is needed to successfully defend all types of drug crimes. As part of your defense, the Capaz Law Firm will demand the State to produce any written reports of all the evidence in your case, including witness statements, audio and visual recordings or surveillance, and warrants. The Capaz Law Firm will conduct its own independent investigation and thoroughly review every aspect of your case to discover any rights violation, errors, improper search or seizure, failure to follow proper chain of custody, or other mistakes made by law enforcement or the prosecuting attorney.


Tampa Drug Defense Attorney: Practice Areas

With knowledge and experience with all types of drug crimes, the Capaz Law Firm handles cases pertaining to all narcotics, including possession, possession with intent to distribute, delivery, sale, manufacturing, cultivation, and trafficking in cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, marijuana, hydrocodone, oxycodone, and other controlled substances.

Certain factors may affect the penalties that apply to your case. Whether or not you are subject to a felony or misdemeanor charge, or elevated felony charge following an arrest on drug charges will depend on the type of substance, the amount or weight of the substance, and whether you had a certain “intent.”


Contact a Tampa Drug Crime Defense Attorney Today

If you have been arrested or charged with any type of drug-related offense, contact a knowledgeable Tampa criminal defense attorney today at (813) 440-2700. Your initial consultation is free and confidential, and drug crime attorney Dereck Capaz can discuss the various defenses that may be applicable to your case.


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