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DUI drug cases can be defended in numerous ways depending on the particular circumstances surrounding your arrest. When alcohol is not present, drug DUI charges are difficult for the prosecutor to prove because unlike a DUI involving alcohol, there is no "measurable amount" of drugs that prohibit a person from operating a motor vehicle. DUI cases involving drugs, therefore, tend to be based upon the subjective opinion of the arresting officer regarding whether a person's normal faculties are impaired to the point that he or she is unable to operate a motor vehicle. Various factors may help to defend against the arresting officer's allegations regarding your alleged impairment, such as tiredness, sickness, anxiety and/or other natural causes.


Drug or Controlled Substance Testing is Often Inconclusive

In order to prove a DUI with drug case, the prosecutor must establish that the defendant was under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and/or drugs or other chemical substance(s) and, as a result, his or her normal faculties and ability to operate a motor vehicle were impaired.

In many DUI drugs cases, the results of a urine test may be inconclusive and may not show how much of the particular drug or chemical substance was ingested, the time period it was ingested, or the quantity in the defendant's system. Even if the testing results revealed drugs or controlled substances in a defendant's system, it can be argued that such substance had no measurable effect upon the defendant's driving or impairment. Thus, the evidence should be excluded because it has no probative value.

It is critical in these DUI with drug cases for your Tampa DUI lawyer to carefully examine the evidence against you and to fight for the suppression of such evidence so that it will not be used against you in your case.


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